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25 Spiritual Animals that are part of Shamanic Tradition.

Shamanic Animals


The word “Shaman” has originated from the “Tungus Tribe” in Siberia meaning “Spiritual Healing”. Shamanism is an ancient spiritual practice that is used for healing. It is an age-old tradition (dating over 100,000 years) of connecting with nature and its elements. Various cultures from all over the world have been practising Shamanism since ages and interestingly, some of the cultures still practice the same till date.

Shamans have always believed that there are powers in every living being. Also, there are power animals which carry special powers and hence, are used for healing and adding to the power of Shamans. Animals are a crucial part of the Shamanic culture. Every Shamanic culture has some power animals associated with it.

A Shaman is a person who is practices Shamanism on individuals as well as communities. This person carries good strength and healing powers. Some tribes believe that a Shaman is born by birth while others believe that a person becomes a Shaman either by calling or by initiation.

In Shamanic Cosmology, the world is divided into 3 parts and these parts are symbolized by a “World Tree” which is referred to as “Axis Mundi”. These three parts hold equal importance in the life of a Shaman. The three parts are:

  1. Lower: represented by the tree roots
  2. Middle: represented by the tree trunk
  3. Upper: represented by the tree branches

It is believed that a Shaman has to travel through these 3 stages to gain wisdom and healing powers. Shamans were the first healers on the planet Earth.

Shamanism is becoming popular these days in western culture because of its healing properties. There have been many examples where medicine has failed to treat a disease but shamanic healing has helped the patients. So, people are again attracted to such practices where a connection with nature is developed and then healing is done.

Shamanism has been practised in Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Mongolia, Serbia, Korea, Siberia, India, North-Asia, Philippines, Central Asia, Europe, Russia, Africa, America and in other regions of the world. To no surprise, some parts of the world still practice Shamanism. In every culture, the ways of practising Shamanism was different but the motive behind was same and it was for the betterment of the humans. In all the cultures animals were used for practising Shamanism. It is believed that every human has his/ her Power animal and we just need to find which one is ours. So, let’s take a look at some of the Power Animals which were or are part of Shamanism:

  • Lion

Lion spirit animal is the symbol of courage and strength in overcoming struggles in the life. Lion spirit animal warns the person about an upcoming problem or some dark situation in the life.

  • Cat
    Cat spirit animal symbolizes perfect timing and the courage, ability and excitement to explore new things. If the cat shows up to be your spirit animal then it warns to you to be wise and act timely when a problem shows up.



  • Deer
    Deer symbolizes sensitivity and a strong intuitive power. This spirit animal gives you the inspiration to achieve the goals in your life and tackle the problems with utmost gentleness and generosity.
  • Owl
    Owl represents wisdom and a great intuitive power. If you have an owl as the spirit animal then it means you have an ability to see what others are unable to see. Also, there are good chances of change coming in life.



  • Rabbit
    This spirit animal represents fear because of its timid nature, creativity, fertility, luck, cleverness and abundance. It teaches humans to overcome fears and protect ourselves from harm.
  • Snakes
    This spirit animal represents a change in life, healing, increased energy. It guides you to choose the right way to use energy for your personal growth.

These were some of the power animals with their meanings for humans.


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