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40 Day Meditation Challenge Live Blog


On July 30th, 2017, I started (well, restarted) my 40 Day Meditation Challenge where I commit to meditating for 40 minutes a day for 40 days straight.

I meditate four sets of 10 minute sessions throughout the day. This is the technique I use:


In addition, I will also be doing the Kundalini Ego Eradicator Pose for 4 minutes the first thing every morning.

The ego eradicator is a Kundalini Kriya (pose) that looks like this. You exhale and inhale through the nose as rapidly as possible while pumping the navel.  Done correctly, the Kundalini ego eradicator Kriya can give you a high similar to, what some describes, taking MDMA. Your arms and shoulders will begin to burn tremendously and you will literally start to feel that your life’s problems are petty. Negative ego begins to slide out of your mind and you feel a sense of oneness with the universe. I’m serious. You have to do it to believe me.

Jimmy Chang Kundalini
Ego Eradicator. That’s me, my arms should be a little closer to my ears. 60 degree angle is optimal.

Pre Challenge Feelings. 

I actually started this challenge on July 21st, 2017 but I skipped 2 days. The rule of the 40 day challenge is, if you miss it, you start over. However for the sake of giving you value, I feel obligated to tell you how I felt before July 21.

So…July 20. Disorganized. Disheveled. Distracted. Demoralized. Highly Anxious. I have direction but I just can’t seem to hop on it. I knew what I was doing with my life but some days I just could not summon the commitment to get anything done even though I have a very great work ethic. Schedules were made but they were often disregarded.

I often found myself upset at petty social situations and overthinking and overreacting to conflicts with friends. Blaming others instead of taking responsibility for my own feelings. I decided I needed to get things together and start meditating.



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