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9 Best Ways To Talk To Friends and Lovers You Are Angry At

9 Of The Best Strategies When Communicating To Friends and Loved Ones You Are Angry At


Number One: Just Walk Away And Let Time Do Its Thing

It is said that anger brings out the worst in people. Not only from the person that is getting angry but also from the person that is receiving the anger.

Negative emotions such as anger have a very real influence over an individual’s life outlook at the time of that anger. You are more likely to tap into the more egotistical, judgmental, and selfish aspects of your nature.

When someone else feels that they are being judged or challenged, they are prone to judge and challenge you right back.

Often times, it is better to wait until everyone has cooled down and you are speaking as your best self rather than as your worst self.

The way I see it, if they are worth it, you don’t want to talk to them angry. If they are not worth it, then why waste your anger on them? Walk away.


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