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9 Best Ways To Talk To Friends and Lovers You Are Angry At

9 Of The Best Strategies When Communicating To Friends and Loved Ones You Are Angry At


Number Two: Take Responsibility For Your Own Emotions

It is nobodies responsibility but your own that you are angry. It may be their fault that made you angry but ultimately your anger is your responsibility alone to deal with.

Don’t be the person that blames other people for being responsible for your actions when you are angry.

“I know I smashed your things but who made me angry in the first place?”

That is called abuse.

“Look what you made me do! I just messed up big time on something completely unrelated because of what you said last night!”

That is called cowardice.

Work out your own issues first. It is your job and your job alone to walk into the conversation centered, no matter what the other person did. If you cannot control your anger, perhaps it is best to refer to goal number one: walk away and let time heal it.

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