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9 Best Ways To Talk To Friends and Lovers You Are Angry At

9 Of The Best Strategies When Communicating To Friends and Loved Ones You Are Angry At


Number Nine: Forgive But Set Clear Boundaries

Practice forgiveness. You will feel a lot better than being angry. Be empathetic to the person you are angry with. That person has his own life journey to embark on and their life journey does not need to accommodate you. Their mistakes and their flaws, even if they affect you, are struggles for them to work out. Be empathetic.

That being said. Set clear boundaries. Verbalize these boundaries with clear specifications.  Let them know you were upset and that you have moved on or will but the survival of your relationship depends on certain criteria.

If you are not a position where you feel you can safely set boundaries with someone or if they don’t take no for an answer, that is when you need to leave.

Ultimately, when people hurt you, what caused them to hurt you will also hurt them to. Thus let go of this need to say “I hopeKarma will get them” and move onto saying “I hope this person learns to learns from this if Karma does get them.” Living with this mindset will do wonders for all your relationships.


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