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Stuck somewhere urban, crowded, noisy, loud or polluted? You don'y have to be. Escape into the natural world by reading about places that are not out of reach.
Shamanic Animals

25 Spiritual Animals that are part of Shamanic Tradition.

  The word “Shaman” has originated from the “Tungus Tribe” in Siberia meaning “Spiritual Healing”. Shamanism is an ancient spiritual practice that is used for...

Most Beautiful Spiritual Places in World. My 2018 is Sorted!

Most Beautiful Spiritual Natural Places in the World. My 2018 is Sorted!!       “Nature is full of genius, full of the divinity, so that not a...

Recovery Herbs With Miraculous Properties

Before modern medicine and the dawn of our industrialized civilization, people tended to seek natural remedies for wound or disease. In many climates around...