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Disaster Avoided! Are these houses impossible to burn down?

Earthship Community
It is amazing that such a sophisticated machine can be made out such simple, eco-friendly materials. What is more amazing is that earth ships are not more widely used and accepted.
Surprisingly, there seems to be a lot of legal and political issues that prevent earth ship communities from being developed further in many places.
When any new idea comes along there is bound to be some form of resistance. The funny thing about Earthships is that even though they have been around since the 70’s they are still encountering a lot of regulatory hurdles.
Good things often take time to happen, so the effort to make these incredible dwellings part of the main stream is far from over. With more persistence to raise awareness, the community is sure any issues with local and state regulations will be overcome here in the US.
At ShamaNews we look forward to helping raise awareness about Earthships and teaching our readers about how to get involved.




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