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The Seven Habits Of A Warrior


What is a WARRIOR?

What does it mean to be a warrior for me?

We all want to be warriors until it is time to do what warriors do. So what exactly do warriors do that grants them the confidence to truly call themselves warriors?

For me, first it means accepting and taking full responsibility for the life I have been given; for all its power and all its pains. I accept its advantages and disadvantages: circumstances, history, gifts, curses, and blessings. I alone steer this mortal vessel and take full command of what I do and how I feel. 

It means that I waste no peace of mind wishing I was someone else, pretending to be someone I am not, or expecting my life to follow a certain script. My entire focus is placed upon following my own unique destiny with its own unique glories and hardships.


Second, the warrior is willful and walks through flames. Life’s difficulties are faced head on. He or she does not seek to escape through anger, blame, denial, delusions, substances, or glorified victimhood. A warrior risks death to solve problems the righteous way. The warrior bleeds and cries, sweat is a given, but does not quit. He or she uses pain, loss, and humiliation as a vehicle for transformation. Giving up is not a part of a warrior’s vocabulary.


Third, a warrior’s word is a warrior’s worth. The warrior does what the warrior speaks of doing. The warrior is who the warrior claims to be. In consequence, a warrior displays less, does more, contemplates deeply, and feels profoundly. In doing so, he avoids the humiliation of unkept promises and unmet claims.


Fourth, the warrior exudes mental toughness. He or she can feel fear, anxiety, and pain like everyone else. However, the warrior embraces these things and marches forward with a smile unfathomable to many. Be that as it may, the warrior adores life while welcoming death; he or she will not engage in braggadocios acts of self-mutilation or self-deprecating acts of sacrifice.


Fifth, the warrior knows thyself and grows thyself. In a world dominated by the incessant need to serve one’s image, a warrior serves his or her character and purpose first. The warrior sacrifices the superficial in favor of true substance.

In a world where polarization and sensationalization is the new norm, a warrior remains centered, thoughtful, and difficult to provoke. A warrior will rather listen than argue. He or she is brave enough to admit wrong.

The warrior accepts that not every person or situation they encounter will make him or her feel empowered or secure. The warrior accepts that there are moments where his or her world will be turned upside down.

In a world, where we are bombarded daily with thousands of images that make us feel insufficient and inadequate, a warrior practices patience and self love. He or she seeks to master his or her ego and not how others perceive them.


Sixth, the warrior serves. A warrior’s ambitions are tempered with strong values and a service to something greater than themselves. In this service to a higher cause, the warrior finds inner peace regardless of outer circumstance.

Whether my future be blessed or tragic, my mission and mindset remain the same: growth and impact.

American Soldier

Finally, a warrior is courageous. The warrior in the face of great adversity does not ask “why me?”. He or she asks, “what’s next?”.

Happy Memorial Day 2017 to all those that paid the ultimate sacrifice.


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